The Training Development Process

Description: Even though our comprehensive program has 4 distinct phases, our process is extremely flexible and modular, meaning it’s adjusted however necessary to accommodate budget and schedule constraints.  Start with assessments or content development...

Navigation How-to Guide

Description: This lesson will walk the users through the basics of the Legacy FM Learning Management System. Approximate Time: 15...

Updating Your Profile

Before you begin, navigate to the Materials tab above and download the Sample Technical Training Program Course Catalog.   Description: This lesson will walk the users through how to update thier profile and upload a profile image. Approximate Time: 5...

Facility Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Directions: Click on the play button below to start the virtual reality walkthrough. Hover over the circular green pins to learn more about various equipment components. Click on the circles on the floor to move to a different area.  This is similar to using street...

AHU – Interactive Hotspots

Directions: *Turn sound on* Hover and click on the interactive hotspots to learn more about various AHU components and their impact on energy conservation.

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