Facilities Management Training to Empower Your Team

When your experienced facilities employees retire over the next few years, it will add stress to your less experienced team members. They just don’t have the historical building knowledge of your facility.  This puts your facility at risk.

You must develop training for your entire team on your specific equipment.  What you need an affordable, customizable training program that delivers consistent training for every employee, not just a select few. 

Legacy FM understands how critical training is to keep your facilities running smoothly. We’ve spent years researching training to find best practices and innovative concepts needed to meet the diverse learning needs of your entire team. We know every facility is unique and we develop a program that meets your facility-specific needs.

Our mission is simple: empower the men and women that keep your buildings running.  We harness the knowledge and expertise of your seasoned facilities management professionals to create meaningful content specific to your facility.  With this leverage, we develop content and training to teach your entire team on your equipment.

Don’t let your team cost you time and money because they don’t know how to handle situations at your facilities. Let Legacy FM help train your team with customized on-site and online training to empower your employees, letting you sleep well at night.

Lindsey Brackett, President

As Co-Founder and President, I enjoy the honor of providing strategic leadership for Legacy FM – establishing long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies. Every day, I strive to forge and nurture strong relationships with facilities management professionals and related industry organizations. Doing so allows me to articulate the value of Legacy FM in terms of education, training, research, and individual professional development. My passion is developing and implementing professional development and training plans for facilities management professionals. I love creating content that empowers and informs others, and I’m inspired by those that make a meaningful and lasting impact in their respective fields.

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Joshua Brackett, PE, SASHE, CHFM

I work to empower the next generation of facilities employees through education and training.  I aim to close the technical gap between those retiring from the industry and those just entering into it.  I can’t think of anything more important than learning and sharing knowledge.  I am a full-time hospital engineer at the largest healthcare system in Arkansas, a licensed Fire Protection Engineer (PE), and a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM).  I understand firsthand the importance of training your entire team, not just a few key individuals. I work to help you develop a train specifically for your needs and your team.  That way, you can be confident they know how to handle situations in your facilities.

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