Butterfly Valve with Tamper Switch

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Codes and Regulatory Compliance | 0 comments

EC.02.03.05 EP 2 – B’Fly Valve w/ Integral Tamper Switch

Taking a step back to a previous post on (check the comments below) waterflows, tampers, and high-air alarm devices. There were several messages and comments requesting to go through a butterfly valve since they are unique.

These valves contain integral micro-switches that are the most common point of failure. These exact micro-switches can be ordered online. But, almost always these valves are NOT repaired (due to liability, removal of UL-listing, manufactures won’t sell the parts, etc) but instead replaced. This typically requires a full sprinkler system shutdown since these valves are normally used for isolation of systems like floors or smoke compartments.

Unlike external tamper switches that can be adjusted, these cannot. So, when these switches fail you’re left with 2 options. Repair and take on the risk, or replace it.

I understand why it’s replaced and not repaired, but hopefully, someday we can get past all the liability and finger-pointing and get down to what makes the most sense. Replace a micro-switch and re-certified. Until then, I personally will follow the rules and replace the valve.

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