Fire dampers are an essential part of a building’s overall fire protection. They are a primary component in passive fire protection to help slow (hopefully stop) the spread of fire.

Unfortunately, even though they are an overall simple device with very few components and moving parts, I find them often neglected. Dampers require periodic testing, and while there are some companies out there that do a great job, many facilities just see this as a compliance box that needs to be checked. Really, they are often seen as a nucence because the fusible link failed and the damper closed and we are getting a hot/cold call.

Even though we don’t see dampers, they serve a critical purpose. We only need dampers when we REALLY need them. But they can make an impactful difference in slowing a fast growing fire.

In this video we discuss the codes, inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements, and key things to look for that are often missed.

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