Class II Standpipe Hose Connection ITM

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Codes and Regulatory Compliance, Operations & Maintenance | 0 comments

This video definitely shows my level of Grit! And it also has a blooper in it! Did you know that Class II Standpipe Hose Connections have to be inspected quarterly AND tested annually?

In this video we discuss high-level the different Classes of Standpipes and the ITM requirements for Class II valves.

I love this video because it shows something that Accrediting Organizations don’t have on a checklist, but is straight from code and critical if they don’t work correctly!

We will doing a video soon on PRV valve testing specifics and we’ll probably do one on the different types of standpipes.

Let me know what I missed or any other cool facts!

This was our 2nd take, so check out the middle of the video when I’m trying to get the cap off!

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