Invest in O&M Training?

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Empowerment, Leadership | 0 comments

Who has seen this comic or heard this quote before?

My guess is that if you clicked on this article, then you believe, at least on some level, that training is important.

Turnover is going to happen. But, your team isn’t going to leave you because you invested in them and you empowered them. On the other hand, they might leave you if you don’t.

According to a recent article published by Forbes, the #4 (of 5) tip to employers seeking to reduce employee turnover is through succession planning and training:

“Most employees want to increase their skills and knowledge and move up the career ladder. Showing employees a projected career path gives them a sense of direction and purpose.” (Kappel, 2017)

Training in healthcare facilities is especially important because the facilities management team directly affects the patient care environment. Infection control measures, temperature and humidity issues, and pressurized rooms are all critical points in a hospital, and it’s up to the facilities management team to ensure compliance.

Speaking of compliance, the list of regulatory agencies includes The Joint Commission (TJC), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), DNV, and more. The pressure is real, and it’s not getting better. That’s why hospitals need personnel that possess diverse skill sets and knowledge specific to regulatory requirements in addition to operation and maintenance training.

Is your healthcare facilities management team trained and prepared? I’d love to know your thoughts on O&M training.

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