Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Codes and Regulatory Compliance | 0 comments

Have you ever been cited for your monthly fire extinguishers?

Most likely it was due to something simple, like not doing a monthly inspection the month of the annual, or someone pencil-whipping the PM and not really taking the extra few seconds to check it the right way.

We tend to take for granted the easy PM’s and think that it’s ok, nothing will happen. It’s because it’s easy that steps get skipped and it ends up being a citation. This is very easily avoidable for an extra 15 secs per device.

There are very few failures on extinguishers and most PMs will fail because the extinguisher is missing. But until the code is changed (which there are a few organizations strongly pushing to decrease the monthly requirements) then we must still perform a proper check monthly. Don’t let the easy citations get you. Make your surveyors work for it! ūüôā

In this video, we cover the bare minimum requirements and a few best practices to look for each month.

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