Succession Planning

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Leadership | 0 comments

This might be one of the most meaningful posts that I’ll ever do. It’s powerful stuff that’s so simple and yet rarely gets executed. Here’s the punch line so you don’t miss it – as soon as you possibly can, train your successor. If you truly want to leave a legacy, and if your work is important to you, then find, train, and mentor your replacement as soon as possible.

I recently had this conversation with a Team Lead who works in #healthcare #facilitymanagent. He’s working on becoming a Facility Supervisor but has no replacement. I gave him some of the best career advice that I’ve ever received – start training your replacement now. If you want to progress to the next chapter and feel good about it, then make yourself replaceable.

This advice is just as relevant for #leadership positions as it is for the #skilledtrades. Everyone struggles with letting go. It’s human to want to cling on to your purpose. What’s even more human, though, is inspiring someone through meaningful connection.

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