Give and Take

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Leadership, Soft Skills | 0 comments

How do you strike the balance between your natural leadership style versus your adapted style? Is it the responsibility of the leader or the direct report to adapt?

Great questions. Honestly, I’ve been struggling to answer them for years. I find myself pulled back to my natural style, but my head and heart tell me to adapt to the individual.

Here’s the thing. #Empowerment drives me at the cellular level. I believe that every single person has skills and talents unique to him or her. I believe that every individual has value and purpose. So, if you take on the responsibility to lead someone, then you take on the responsibility to encourage and unlock that value in them. Leaders should adapt to the individual if they want to #empower them. To a point. I believe in high standards and excellence and that leading people means that you hold them to those standards.

Ugh. Leading is challenging. It’s also a beautiful, wonderful gift. When do you give, and when do you take? Relationships require balance and compromise – at least if they’re going to last.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, ya’ll

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