WON Doors

Did you know that WON doors have a quarterly preventative maintenance requirement in the maintenance manual? I didn’t either, but Reo did! I got to pull both Reo and Drew into this video. I learned a lot from both of them on this one so we had to share it! We greased...

Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Hose Connections

Do you have Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) hose connections? If so, listen up! From my experience, these are one of the most frequently incorrectly designed, installed, and tested sprinkler devices. #NFPA25 actually requires a full-flow test from these suckers every...

Class II Standpipe Hose Connection ITM

This video definitely shows my level of Grit! And it also has a blooper in it! Did you know that Class II Standpipe Hose Connections have to be inspected quarterly AND tested annually? In this video we discuss high-level the different Classes of Standpipes and the ITM...

Codes and Regulatory Compliance